Maknae Kpop T-shirt for Women - Rolled Sleeves

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  • With Maknae written in romanization and Hangul
  • Be cool and the trend to follow
  • A must-have for kPop fans
  • Made of 100% Cotton

What do Tzuyu, Lisa, Seohyun and Suzy have in common? If you're the youngest member of your group, show it with pride with this fun t-shirt.

In Korean music (kPop!) "Maknae" means the youngest member of the group, which means someone cute (to-die-for!), lovable and 100% adorable. If that's you (or your loved one, your friend, sister, partner, neighbor, niece, classmate etc) - this tee is for you!

Watch how Tzuyu is a total professional when her mic started malfunctioning.